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Making student's life happier, inspiring and rewarding

Meet the Studentpeeps team

The people backstage, who stay up late, survive on coffee, hustling to build something great!
Ayush Mittal Co-founder
Chirag Mittal Co-founder
Tushar Khandelwal Brand partnerships
Sidharth Verma Tech Lead
Syed Mazhar Ali Raza Frontend Developer
Sanskriti Saxena Operations

Crazy culture we follow.
Some cool rituals we swear by


Execution 100%

Action over words. Execution over planning.

Learn everyday

There should not be a day where we don't learn anything new.


Passionate, driven and committed about what we build.


Dedicated to making students’ experience and lives better. We simply love what we do.

Our Story?

Raise the curtain. It all started back when…

Idea pops up

February 10, 2021

An idea clicked in Ayush's head. We start researching.

The official start

February 22, 2021

Registered the domain. Ayush and Tushar sit to learn how to code. After countless trials, built a simple landing page and started collecting waitlist contacts

Aproaching users

March - April, 2021

Talking to students who wanted this product. After a bunch of calls, we decided to go all in.

Our first pitch

April - May, 2021

Sidharth gets onboard. He started to build our website.
We start shortlisting brands, emailing a few. No one takes a meeting. Stressed, we try again. 3 weeks later, a meeting happens. We get one brand onboard, ‘Naagin Sauce’.

Creating a better product

May - June, 2021

Sanskriti joins us. We get more brands like Propshop24, TribFashion, Avni, and Bitclass onboard.

User Experience is vital

July - August, 2021

We realised we had a good website. But it had to be great. This time, Ayush and Sidharth start discussing and hire 2-3 interns to help us out

Baby steps to a giant leap

August, 2021

Ayush, Sanskriti and Tushar focus on getting brands onboard. End up meeting founders and partner up with a lot of different brands.

Small small wins - all smiles :)

August, 2021

We get Rapido onboard. Gradually, saw college students using our discounts, saving on time and money. We craved this day.

A community from scratch

October, 2021

Syed joins us. We enhance the user experience on our website. Meanwhile, team plunged to set up a closed-club with 50 students. Soon, people network and we grow into a 500-member strong community.

Striving, failing, reviving. There’s no looking back.

November, 2021 - Present

We’ll keep building, iterating and marketing our product, till the day it becomes the favorite savior to every student life.