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An Approach to Privacy You Can Trust

StudentPeeps verifies thousands of students for personalized student offers from hundreds of leading brands in India and the world. Providing world class experience privacy is part of our vision. . To ensure that all data is shielded and unharmed, we are always cautious and follow all the security protocols to protect your personal information from anyone else.


How We Use Information
How We Verify

Studentpeeps determines if you are a student and does that by working with Universities across India, Registrars and Govt. trusted sources to collect data points and make an extensive database.

We work with these providers to enable benefits to its members through special rewards and offers from leading brands We ensure that a non-student never gets in.

We only use the data you submit to verify your eligibility and communicate with you.

Your data is never shared

We’re committed to treating your data responsibility. We don’t share or sell your personal information to a brand without your consent to verify eligibility. And we don’t sell or rent your information to outside companies at any cost.

Your data is never shared or sold to a third party or any of our partner brands.

How we use

To make user experience better.
To make our product more customer-centric and desirable.
To bring relevant brands for the customer base.
To promote only the brands and deals you are likely to get value from.


Your Privacy Comes First

Whenever a student enters his/her personal information. We use the data to match with our database. In the process, your data is not shared with a third party. On top of that, while we process the information, we follow certain regulatory policies to comply with Governmental requirements. Ethical and fair use of the data and building something with Privacy First Approach is part of our vision. StudentPeeps will not use your data for any additional purposes beyond these. Read our privacy policy.


We Keep Your Data Safe

StudentPeeps considers itself a responsible and accountable entity of the information it utilizes. Our responsibility is to ensure the security and privacy of the information in our care and to maintain the privacy of our peeps to build trust, and a long term relationship.

Encryption & Data Purges

As soon as you enter and submit your personal information to StudentPeeps, we encrypt it, and your data remains encrypted at all times within our database. After you are verified, StudentPeeps securely transfers the data you provide to the brand making the offer.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure & Regular Audits

All StudentPeeps systems are hosted within Amazon’s data centers and cloud services platforms. These data centers and platforms have world-leading security and privacy practices. In addition, every year, StudentPeeps has an independent security and privacy audit to ensure we appropriately manage risk throughout your data’s lifecycle from collection to transmission, to storage and retention, to purging and deletion.